June 10, 2016

Why Is It Working?

What you're currently doing. Why is it working exactly? In part, it may simply be that you've had enough time to see what's possible, understand the rules, the culture, the expectations worth meeting and the norms to disrupt. You have to go native to do that. It can't happen overnight.

It's not about waiting or doing nothing at all. There's certainly work to be done in between knowing what is going to be effective and what won't. You have to be patient for the effective to happen.

Sure, you can make the immediate splash. But chances are you will be forgotten tomorrow. If that's what you want, then knock yourself out! If you're hoping to have a lasting impact, to build long term relationships with those you serve than you've got to be willing to take the time to build anything worth lasting.

My favorite quote from the Missional Voices conference comes to mind: Good ministry is never fast, cheap or easy.