July 28, 2016


Have you ever felt like you were in a state of limbo? Caught in between? Waiting? Wondering what's next?

That's kind of how things feel at the moment. We put everything in our house that we didn't need while showing it to potential buyers in a container. That container is now on it's way to Houston while we wait for the house to sell, while I finish work here. At the same time, I get to the end of a long day and go home ... but can't really live in the home because we never know when someone is going to want to come look at it. Not quite living here anymore but certainly not where we're going to live yet. Right now kind of feels like we're in limbo.

I'm sure you've had this feeling before. You're in between jobs. Between semesters. Out of a relationship but not in a new one. Limbo.

Here's the thing about limbo that dawned on me this morning: In those "in-between" times–those "not-here-but-not-there" spaces is often where God shows up in the most meaningful ways. Think of all the encounters, the "others" that Abraham comes in contact with along his journey. Or Israelites as they wandered in the desert for 40 years. Or the early church as they waited for what they thought would be Christ's second coming in their lifetime. We wouldn't have their stories, we wouldn't have the Gospels or Paul's letters if it weren't for their long state of limbo.

I'm reminded that in these seasons, whether short or long, the task is not to simply wait and worry but actively anticipate–watching for where God is on the move in the strange and precarious ways that only seem to come while in a state of limbo.

So, if you're in between jobs, or relationships–or any other kind of limbo–be assured that you are not alone. God has not abandoned you. You just might find God showing up in ways you've never experienced before if you pay close enough attention.