July 1, 2016

Podcast Fridays: This Song

There are few good radio stations left. I love music but rock station DJ's are the worst. Brooke laughs at me as I start yelling at the radio when a DJ spouts wrong information about an artist or talks over the best part of a song.  With few exceptions, stations no longer hire fans. Just people that love the sound of their own voice. One exception is KUTX in Austin. On a recent trip to Texas I discovered this station and wished I could take it with me everywhere. Smart DJ's and the widest variety of music I've heard on FM radio in ages. Thankfully, they've got a few podcasts! My favorite so far is This Song. Similar to KCRW's Guest DJ Project (which I talked about here), on This Song an artist talks about a particular song that moves them. It's awesome. Check it out.