July 27, 2016

Why Are You Moving To Texas?

Why not?!

I've only got one life. Why not seek out new adventures?

Here are some of the other common remarks we've received:

"Oh, it's because the Episcopal Diocese of Texas has lots of money?"

No. It's not the fact that they've been wise with their money that was attractive. Though, that certainly is a good thing. It was because they set some carefully considered but courageous goals. They put a number to those goals. Set a deadline. That's what caught my attention. Any Christian institution can do this. It doesn't require lots of resources. Yet, most don't do this well. They tend to be so afraid of failure that they refuse to set real goals. Or they set such audacious, unreasonable goals that no one will blame them if they fail. The fact that the Diocese of Texas was willing to set some bold expectations upon themselves was exciting.

"Church work must be easy in Texas since everyone's 'Christian.'"

Apparently, you haven't been in a coffee house in Austin or Houston on a Sunday morning.

But 'open carry'?! Rednecks?!

Have you seen my neck? You should hear the assumptions people make about Washingtonians ... and Californians.

"What will you be doing?"
In short, cultivating the start of new missional expressions across the Diocese and teaching/training leaders.

"How does Brooke feel about this?"
A blank slate to create and decorate (otherwise known as a "house")? Are you seriously asking this question?

"How do the kids feel about this?"
They're stoked! When Brooke and I made the decision to move, they did a happy dance around the house.

We all love exploring new things. We are all excited about this.

"... but why?"