August 23, 2016

Article for Diolog

I had the privilege of writing an article for the Diocese of Texas's quarterly magazine, Diolog. Since my title is, as my buddy, Mike has put it the "missioner for missional missioning" it seems appropriate that I tackled the meaning of the term, "missional" in the article:
The term “missional” is thrown about in Christian circles a lot these days. It often seems to be a synonym for evangelism. At other times it is used to describe Christians doing good deeds in their communities. It is neither. “Missional” is a description of God. We serve a missional God. We serve a God that is not confined to certain places, practices or moments.
Read the rest in the print edition. I'd love to know what you think.

You should also make to sure to check out Alan Bentrup's (co-founder of Missional Voices) article in this edition as well!

UPDATE: If you are not a Diolog subscriber, you can read this issue here.