August 4, 2016

Talking About Faith and Politics

Lifeway Research just released findings on a study about Americans talking about faith and politics:
"Six in 10 Americans are more comfortable talking about politics than their spiritual beliefs. And most say they aren’t interested in having more spiritual conversations."
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Here's what stood out to me, it's only slightly more comfortable for folks to talk about politics. And, really–for people of faith, should these two subjects be divided? I would hope not. I would hope that your faith informs your politics.

I digress.

I found this study interesting following my blog post on Monday. Most folks know that I'm a socially progressive Christian. My light weight critique of religious progressives in that post seemed to open dialog with my more politically conservative friends on social media. Couple this with some of Scott McConnell's (executive director of LifeWay Research) comments in this article and I think you have some tools for more healthy debate "across the aisle" when it comes to politics (and faith) in the U.S. right now:

1) Be willing to admit the faults in yourself and those you tend agree with

2) Listen! As McConnell says, "If you don’t care what your neighbors believe, chances are they won’t listen to what you have to say"