August 17, 2016

We Made It!

Due to a variety of reasons, we left DC much later on Monday than we had anticipated. We didn't get too far that night and knew that the next two days would have long drives in store. Honestly, we all just desperately wanted to be here. By the time we stopped for lunch on Tuesday the five of us made the collective decision to power through and get to Houston early this morning. Crossing the Mississippi River–as we've done a few times now–has always been a cool moment. This time it was just heartbreaking as driving through Louisiana you can still see the damage of the recent flooding. Today has been breakfast tacos, lots of coffee after driving through the night, unloading our van, hitting a grocery store, taking naps and watching the Olympics–something we haven't been able to do much of until today. We're staying in a little place in town until our house in Houston closes (Oh yeah, we sold our house in DC and bought a house in Houston already). Tomorrow we'll visit the kids' schools and get them set up for Monday.

Missing many people back in DC but looking forward to settling in.