August 15, 2016

Why Do I Blog?

When Andrew Sullivan quit blogging it made me question whether it made sense to keep doing this. As a medium, was blogging dead? Did it matter? I've been blogging since 2001. Not always at the same location. I wish I had been wiser to export those archives before blowing them up. But I didn't. Two platforms I've used for blogging no longer exist. There have been stretches of times that I've avoided blogging but I've always come back to it. But Sullivan's exit made me wonder.

Eventually, I decided I didn't care what the popular notion about blogging was. It didn't matter to me whether or not it seemed relevant. I decided, as I've always done, that I blogged primarily for myself. I know that sounds selfish but it's the honest truth. It helps me flesh out ideas, clarify my own thoughts. Maybe you've read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. If so, you're familiar with the idea of "morning pages." Blogging has been a riff on that for me.

Blogging has helped me become a fan again. You've likely noticed I share a lot of music. After years of playing music myself, I became critic of music–I couldn't enjoy music. Not even at church. I would find myself critiquing everything. It was an unhappy pattern. Part of the reason why I started sharing music I discovered was because I had to work at becoming a fan of music again. I had to train myself to simply enjoy it. (And then I started doing the same thing with podcasts.)

Which leads me to a secondary reason for blogging: I want to share things I love with anyone interested. I could simply post through social media platforms but I am increasingly annoyed by the noise of these mediums and I don't like the control they're able to exert for the sake of profit. Blogging off of such platforms, as the primary source, allows a freedom I prefer.

Sullivan may have given it up but there are a lot of great blogs out there. I don't follow as many as I used to but I still find it more enjoyable and beneficial than scrolling through most social media feeds (call me old fashioned). As this coming fall approaches–with all of the transitions it brings for our family this year in particular, I've found myself thinking about what I want to write about. The jury's out on music and podcast shares. That may have run it's course–still feeling that out. In any scenario, I plan to keep writing and sharing. If you don't blog, you should–in one form or another. If you do, please share a link with me. I'd love to see what ideas and creative expressions you're offering the world.