September 14, 2016

Preaching on Holy Cross Day

I've been beginning to feel a bit cooped up these last few days. Most of my work has had me in the office and getting around is different than it was in DC. We moved out here with one car for the family but public transportation here is not what it was in DC and Brooke needs the family van for getting the kids and their friends around. When we were looking for a place to live here, we would mention to others how we hoped for something within a walkable community and folks would chuckle, "Well, ain't that cute!"

Finally got a second set of wheels for our household yesterday. So that means I can begin getting around Texas a lot easier. Tonight, I'm headed to Texas A&M to preach at the Episcopal Student Center there and meet those that are a part of that ministry. Looking forward to it!

Today is Holy Cross Day. This means I will be tying in the significance of this into what I share tonight. The history of this feast day is deeply tied to Emperor Constantine. If you know me and my opinions of ol' Constantine you know this could get interesting.