October 3, 2016

Bosses Are Too Easily a Scapegoat

I frequently talk to young Christian leaders that--on first impression--seem incredibly eager to try new things. Yet, too often it is not long after that I begin to hear all about their boss ...

He or she won't let you do this or allow for that. You don't have the authority to take certain actions or you have no voice in making the project priorities you feel to be important.

You could never take the risk you wish to, or share the idea you have because whomever you report to won't like it.

Ever heard this?

Ever felt this way?

I have a couple thoughts about this ...

Last year, I took an online workshop with Seth Godin. It was amazing! One of the things he said has continued to stand out to me: know the difference between authority and influence. You may not have the authority but you can influence the system you work in. Ask questions. Volunteer. Take responsibility. You may not get all the credit and you may get all the blame but at least you will have tried.

The Humane Treatment of Bosses
Your boss is a human too! Start treating them as such. Have you ever imagined how lonely it might be to lead from the top? Everyone needs you. No one wants you. Does that sound pleasant? Didn't think so. Treat your boss like a human, a colleague and see what this makes possible.

Bosses are too easily a scapegoat, a cheap excuse for avoiding the challenge you know you want to take on. If your boss really squelches even these approaches, they're a jerk! Seriously! But you already knew that. So, why are you still working for them?