November 11, 2016

I disagree with Michael Moore

The morning after, I shared my thoughts on this election as did many. One of them was Michael Moore. Moore shared "five points" of action following the election. Like Moore and Andrew Sullivan, I grieved this outcome. I remain concerned about what this decision emboldens within certain citizens of this country. Still, I am a Christian first and foremost and I have to remind myself that the kingdom of God does not rise or fall on presidential elections.

In one of Jesus' most important speeches recorded, he tells us to cast out fear and return hate with love. I can't stay in a place of fear for long. And I can not endorse Moore's opinion. I do not think that simply encouraging one group (Democrats) to treat others (Republicans) in the way the other has treated the first group is productive.

Retaliation tactics or the belittling of those we disagree with is only stooping to the rhetoric that created this anxiety in the first place. There is a difference between abuse and accountability.

If your citizenship trumps your baptism (no pun intended ... or maybe it was) than you can hold such an opinion. But if you are first a citizen of Christ's kingdom, a Christian initiated into this trinitarian reality through baptism, than you cannot endorse an "eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Hate and fear is what got us here. It is not what will heal us.