November 8, 2016

I voted for Hillary Clinton

It's my opinion that she will govern well. She understands how our political system works. She's been drug through the mud of the media for decades and keeps coming back ... which means she's either crazy or really believes in something.

I don't think she's flawless. No candidate ever is. But she is not the lesser of two evils. I don't agree with her position on all issues but I do believe her to be a more competent and capable candidate. As David Brooks recently put it:
Governance requires enormous patience, a capacity to tolerate boredom and the skill of quiet herding. Frustrations abound. When it is done well, as a friend of mine in government puts it, each individual day sucks but the overall experience is tremendously rewarding.
Hillary Clinton knows how to do this. She knows how to play the long game.

I could be wrong.

I have no anxiety about this.

Our increasing collective desire for immediate impact has resulted in an impatience with the system we've created. In turn, public discourse has devolved into blatant attempts to mar those we disagree with and egos too tenderly tied to opinions. Governance takes time. It requires discourse and compromise. Which seem, at this moment, to be things we ought to relearn.

From across the political spectrum, as this election comes to a close, people seem to be saying that they've had enough. As I read op-ed's and columns, I am reading writers who are thoughtfully stating that this politics-as-Hunger Games is done. We want healthier, more thoughtful discourse. We want more direct responses to issues. We expect more next time. I hope so! More than anything, I think this election could result in making the next election an engaging election.

I could be wrong.

I have no anxiety about this.

I have no anxiety about this because Christ's kingdom does not hinge upon this election. Christ is still Lord, no one else. This is not meant to imply that my faith and convictions are detached from reality. Rather, it means that as a result of my faith, I am called to live in a manner with those around me in a particular way, no matter the outcome.

As Christians, we know that all were created in God's image. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump included. Conservative fundamentalists and flaming liberals. All made in God's image.

May we pray for and with each other in this way.

No matter what happens today.