December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

"José y Maria" by Everett Patterson
His dad was likely a day-laborer. His mom, an unwed teenager. His first crib, a feeding trough. His first nursery smelled of livestock. Day laborers and foreigners threw his baby shower. Avoiding violence in their homeland, his parents fled as refugees to another country when he was still a baby...

This is what makes Jesus such good news!

We follow a God that was not brought into the world among the healthy and wealthy, the privileged and powerful. No. He was born into the mundane and nameless.

This is what makes Jesus such good news!

No matter how far on the margins. No matter how dark of a shadow of our culture you stand in, this Jesus of Nazareth is announced as "God with you."

He did not come to make us comfortable but to comfort us.

He beckons us to do the same for others.

Merry Christmas!