January 27, 2017

Good evening, Donald

Good evening, Donald.

One week. Wow! You must be exhausted! I know it's hard to know what news is factual these days but I read somewhere that you've barely been sleeping most nights. Thank you for working so hard. It's kind of hard to believe it's only been a week. You've done a lot! I have to admit, it does make one wonder why it was so hard for President Obama to get anything done. Nonetheless, it's been one week and if you've been anything, you've been consistent. The Donald of the presidential race appears to be the same Donald who now sits in the oval office.

I feel like we need to get something out of the way: I did not vote for you. It's unlikely that you and I see eye to eye on much. But we're both dads. So, I just wanted to ask something of you, one father to another.

Can you think about our kids when you tweet and speak to the country? I know you don't agree with President Obama with much but I never had a problem with my kids listening to him speak. For the majority of the last 8 years, they simply saw a man that loved his daughters, was devoted to his wife and treated others with respect, no matter their differences. I don't want my kids to act like you do. I don't want them to think that a wider political agenda excuses personal behavior. I tend to think the two are connected. Apparently, a lot of the country disagrees with me on this point. I imagine you do too. Just think of our kids. Please?

Oh, yeah, that reminds me of another thing I was thinking about this week and wanted to tell you. It's okay to say you've made mistakes. It's okay to apologize. I know this isn't something politicians do but, hey, you're clearly not one to stick with convention! It takes strength to admit it when you're wrong. It feels like weakness in the moment, but on the other side of it, you realize that you're stronger. Think on it. You should try it.

Alright, that's it for now. I've had a busy week and I'm exhausted. Not that it compares to yours, I imagine. I hope you get some sleep.

I'm praying for you.