March 9, 2017

A blog break

You may have noticed that I've been increasingly irregular in my blogging as of late. At most, I've usually been able to share links and music I'm discovering but I've even broken that routine.  I really enjoy blogging as it is fun to share things I've found intriguing and process "out loud" what I'm currently pondering with you. Yet, as is evident, I'm a bit short on the extra time needed for this privilege. I have lots planned for the future and may continue to post sporadically but nothing may show up on a regular basis for a while. Until then, follow me on Instagram. I may show up on Twitter and Facebook from time to time (though I increasingly think FB may have "jumped the shark"). Just need to give myself permission to step back and keep my focus on what needs my attention right now. I hope you can do the same thing for yourself when needed.

Oh, and sign up for my newsletter! That will continue during the blog break and will, in fact, be coming out again soon.