September 16, 2017

We're All Tired

Everyone in this region has experienced Harvey differently, but we all experienced the same disaster. Some feel guilty for not losing everything, some are numb because they lost everything. But you want to know one thing everyone is feeling?


Maybe it's due to the recognition that "normal" will be illusive for a while; we talk of recovery in years. Whatever this exhaustion means or what the result of this is, it seems to be the one thing each and every one of us is experiencing.

You might be talking to the couple living at the emergency shelter, the barista at a cafe, the guy delivering pizza, the woman at the cash register, the guy selling you lumber at the hardware store, the person in line next to you at the post office, the other parents dropping off their kids at school, the priest, the activist, the Red Cross volunteer ... it doesn't really matter where you are or who it is. Everyone is tired.

Each conversation goes something like this,

"You okay?"

"Our house flooded but we're okay, we have a place to stay." Or, "Yeah, no flooding, we're okay."

And then, in either case ...

 "Just really tired."

It's not melodramatic. Just honest. Whether one sleeps through the night or can't sleep at all. This entire region is worn out.

So, if you're the praying type and wondering how to pray for folks in this region, you might pray for something as simple as a good night's rest for us all.

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