October 13, 2017

There are no experts

There are no experts.

There are only those with experience.

Some will take that experience, no matter how limited or extensive, and assume authority.

Others will take that experience and, with humility, attempt to find out how it best applies to the situation at hand.

But this–what is happening right now, this has never happened before! The experienced know that. They're just trying to figure out how their experience might be helpful to others, no need to mention what won't.

The experts, they don't see anything as new, different, nuanced or contextual. They only see themselves.

Disasters put this on display quite well.

The experienced apply what they know, tweaking things with others, to get the job done.

The experts just keep telling you how they've seen this before.

They haven't.

There are no experts.

This–what is happening right now, this has never happened before! You, and those alongside you, you're the first to see this, do this, try this.

So bring the best of your experiences, share those lessons with others and do something new with what is right in front you.

You don't need the experts.


Like I told you, there are no experts.

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