November 17, 2017

Am I Doing This Right?

Many years ago, I met with a wise mentor. I was incredibly anxious about my ability to parent my young child. Was I doing this right? That mentor told me something that I've never forgotten and believe applies to a lot of life.

He assured me that if I was asking that question of whether or not I was doing it right exposed two things: if I wasn't doing it right, I was humble enough to get there someday and that in all likelihood I was in fact doing it right. "Crazy people don't wonder if they're crazy," he said to me, "It's sane people that wonder if they're crazy from time to time."

Chances are there is an aspect of your life, your passion, your work that you ask yourself this question. Am I doing this right? We are bombarded with images and narratives of glossy perfection; of others doing it right. It can lead you to a silent state of inner panic as you compare yourself to a fabricated story line and a photo-shopped picture.

If this is you, here is what I know: If you are asking the question then, yes, you are doing it right and you are on your way to doing it better. But do not ask this question in the solitary experience of your thoughts, share this question with people you trust. Don't let it echo around in your own skull. Be brave enough to share this question with a trusted friend. Because if they say you are not doing it right, the fact that you are brave enough to ask ensures that you are on your way to getting it right.

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