November 20, 2017

Missional Advent Workshops

Today, my office announced a 3-part video and tutorial series on starting missional communities. In conjunction with this, we also announced 3 workshops to be offered on Tuesdays during Advent. I'm really excited to try doing some training online with the goal to empowering leaders to start more communities. I've done this in person countless times but in order to see the growth we hope for, we need to start trying out tools with more exponential possibilities. The benefit of these workshops? First, you can do this from anywhere–if you have an Internet connection a lunch break or time after work, you're good. Second, we won't waist you're time–we've boiled this down to a total of 3 hours so that you get only the stuff you need.

If you're interested in participating, our "Night Cap" session on Tuesdays in Advent still has some space. Visit our webpage and register. I'd love to have you join us.

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