December 14, 2017


Photo: the Park Church Co-Op
There's a Lutheran church co-operative in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY that is doing some interesting things. How do I know about this as a non-Lutheran person living as far away as Houston, TX?


Through their community partnerships, the Park Church Co-op hosts concerts for a variety of great bands. Some past concerts include great artists such as Julie Byrne (check out this video of Byrne playing in their space) and Big Thief. From my perspective, this is cool in and of itself. But what I really dig about this church is this statement on their website:
"We build community inside to serve the greater community outside. We open our doors to our neighbors and strive to serve their practical and spiritual needs."
There is often a confusion about the relationship between the work we do inside our buildings and that which we are called to do outside our buildings. This faith community seems to get it; the two are connected. There is not an either/or option. How we gather inside is intended to shape how we serve outside. Health deteriorates when it does not.

If you are a Christian leader, this is a great question to ask yourself: Does the work inside our walls inform our work outside these walls? 

By the way, the Park Church Co-op is doing some fundraising right now. Consider donating a few bucks (or more!) just to show this kind of posture matters in Christian communities.

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