December 31, 2017

Ms. Garner's Passing

Yesterday, it was announced that Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, had passed away. This is a loss compounded on tragedy and injustice. Ms. Garner's father was killed by NYPD officers while saying, "I can't breathe!" Since his death,  Ms. Garner was known for publicly addressing police brutality and standing up for the equitable treatment of African Americans. A few years ago, I wrote something in response to her father's death. It feels appropriate to repost that here since not enough has changed since Ms. Garner's father was killed. White Christians in America remain, in too great of numbers, resistant to how the issues of race and violence in this country are faith issues.

Here's what I posted then and now share again:

He was a young man.

He was not a part of the dominant, privileged culture.

He came from a poor, under educated class.

He was presumed not to be innocent.

He was wrongly accused and killed.

He died with his hands up.

He died unable to breathe.

If we fail to see the suffering of the marginalized in our culture in light of the suffering of our Savior, then we fail to fully appreciate the vastness of His redemptive work.

Listen well, share your story, make friends, resist violence and learn.
I also encourage you to check out this track, or the whole album, from Dee Wilson:

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