December 20, 2017

What Do Numbers Make Possible

In our office, we are accumulating the numbers that speak to the work accomplished this year. I'm sure many of you are doing the same. These are only preliminary counts, but here are a few from the work out of my office:

Sponsoring 10 church plants

690+ people attending weekly worship in church plants, parish missions and second sites

64 missional communities w/ 650+ attending regularly.

25 college and university missions

Engaging 500+ students a week through worship, Bible study, fellowship and supplemental meal programs for under-resourced students

Trained 178 people in starting new communities

60+ hours of training

1000+ printed copies of our missional Bible study distributed

9200+ views of missional community videos

These are modest numbers compared to some Christian organizations. To others, maybe, incredible. I do not believe numbers are the point. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of what we've accomplished this year. But it's what these numbers make possible that is the point.

Jesus said that everything Scripture teaches hinges on two things: love God with every fiber of your being and care for your neighbor as you would care for yourself (my reinterpretation). This is counter cultural. And yet we are compelled to nurture communities that demonstrate that love of God and neighbor are possible, tangible and practical.

We learn to love like this in community. As we learn to love like this, we get a glimpse into how God loves us. So, we work to create as many entry points into community like this as possible.

The question should not be whether or not you count. The questions should be centered on what to count and what is possible in growing by those measurements.

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