December 22, 2017

What I believe about Jesus is bananas!

I recently told a friend that I've completely accepted that what I believe about Jesus is bananas! I'm okay with that. Everyday we choose to believe in things that are incredible. I happen to believe that this guy who lived a couple thousand years ago–whose first cradle was a feeding trough, who was born to a teenage mom that was engaged to a day laborer–changed the world. He died, came back to life and changed everything. That's nuts! I get it. I still believe it.

Like I said, we all do this. We choose to believe in the unbelievable. We should be more honest about this! Some people believe that war ensures that fewer people get killed. Or that rewarding rich people will make everyone else wealthier. That's nuts! But that's just it: it's a belief system. People believe this stuff!

Here's the hilarious thing about this, once we stop trying to B.S. others about these things and actually get honest about the fact that we believe in such crazy things we can have a much more sane conversation.

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