December 29, 2017

What We're For, What We're Against

When a new faith community is beginning to move from the idea of a leader to a reality involving others, a constant challenge is establishing an identity and vision for this community.

Why does this community exist? Who is it for? What does it do in unique ways?

It's important to recognize that in the process of establishing the answers to the above questions, knowing what you are against and what you are for are two different things. Establishing what you are not is often easier than establishing what you are but it is does not provide definition.

To say, "We are not that kind of church," does not tell us what kind of church you are. It tells us what your vision is not but not what it is.

In this era of American politics, it's easy for Christian leaders to attempt at defining who they are by what they are against. You may be against certain actions or decisions of politicians. It is often appropriate to make clear your opposition to such things. But it is even more important that you establish the why, the reasons behind your opposition and most importantly, tell us what you are for and how your Christian community embodies an alternative.

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