January 5, 2018

Harvey and You

Since the flurry of updates during and just following hurricane Harvey, I have not said much about it for quite some time though it's impact on all of us here continues. At times it has seemed surreal to consider the kind of flooding that Houston went through just a few months ago. At first glance, so much of the region appears to have recovered. Yet, once you look carefully you see how much work is still to be done, especially among those on the margins. This has become a part of the fabric of life here. It hasn't felt newsworthy.

That said, there is an aspect of the recovery that is worth stating. I want to say something about you.

During the storm, Brooke and I used social media to update our friends and family from coast to coast. We let you know about our well being and the status of things in the region. We encouraged you to give to organizations we trusted but many of you decided to do something else.

You sent gift cards directly to us. Thousands of dollars in gift cards. You asked us to give them out to whomever we believed needed it most. We did exactly what you asked; we gave these gift cards to refugees and immigrants. You helped offset monthly expenses so that low-income Houstonians could pay the deductible on damaged cars, buy groceries and in some instances afford to buy Christmas presents for their children.

You did this. You ensured that some kids had presents under the Christmas tree.

You made sure that people that relied on their trucks and cars for work could get their vehicles running again.

You helped keep the economy in this region, which was at great risk, humming.

And then you did more ... you came.

You came from the west coast and east coast and everywhere in between. You came in groups of 2 to 30.

We used the hardware store gift cards you sent to purchase construction materials and we put you to work. You came and cleaned out flooded homes and you helped us put homes back together. In one situation, a low-income, undocumented elderly couple who never left their home as it filled with water have watched their home go from washed out to better than it ever was.

You did this.

Brooke and I are grateful to call you friends, to call you family. Thank you! We're grateful for how you helped, and have continued to help, put lives back together in this region. As we move into this new year, know that you are someone that matters, someone that has made a difference ... someone that is loved by the Evans family.

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