January 2, 2018

When To Start

The hardest part to starting a new community? Starting. But here's the good news, the best time to start is the moment you do. Really. There's no better time to start then when you know this is something you are called to do, meant to do.

That said, there are times at which others might be receptive and right now is one of them. The start of the new year brings a hunger for new things, new routines and commitments. Participating in a new faith community could be one of those for someone. You won't know until you ask.

Typically, people are open something new like this at cultural and religious "moments." For practicing Christians, Advent and Lent are often moments for potentially new commitments. Christmas and Easter for not-so-practicing Christians. But there are other cultural "inflection points" at which people are paying attention and open to new things as well. The start of the school year, elections, the Super Bowl, all of these are moments that often grab people's collective attention. You can likely think of more.

These inflection points, these moments are worth paying attention to but truly the best time to start is now.

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