February 22, 2018

Test Before Invest

In A New Thing episode 12, Steven Tomlinson talked about a corollary between launching new faith communities and Eric Ries's approach to start-up's in The Lean Start Up. Steven talked about piloting experiments, testing ideas, etc. I talk about this in our Ready, Set, Go missional community workshops and this is also similar to what Jacob Breeze talked about in A New Thing episode 10.

The bottom line is that in taking this approach, testing out concepts and piloting approaches for new communities can cost very little–if anything. It is often simply not worth financial investment until a new community has tested their assumptions and tried out ideas that have proven to bear fruit. Yet, when it does bear fruit is the right time to seek an initial round of minimal funding to see what else can be done. In other words, with a small investment could your missional start-up scale into something more?

This is what we are trying to provide through our Strategic Mission Grants. We want folks to bring us their small batch tested missional ideas, show us what you've done and give us a chance to consider whether that is something that needs some seed money. Watch the video below. If you're in one of the 50-some counties within this Diocese and have been piloting some fruitful, missional work in the Episcopal tradition it might be time to get in touch.

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