March 22, 2018

Be Weird

Rick Warren wasn’t perceived as normal when he got started. Neither was Bill Hybels. They were unconventional, even considered heretical. But they couldn't worry about what others thought in order to do what they were called to do.

Same goes for Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Wesley and St. Francis.

Their methods, their approaches were not viewed as normal by their peers. Throughout history, most Christian leaders that have initiated radical change have gone to their graves perceived by others as ... different, weird. In that regard, I suppose Hybels and Warren are bit lucky.

Shooting for normal never makes a change. Aim for the edge and change everything. You may or may not feel that mega-churches have made a meaningful change. That isn't my point. My point is this, throughout church history those that have started movements that have renewed and re-centered the church–resisting the ploys of both state and market–have not worried about being weird. At the same time, they got their start by reaching for the fringes–those on the outside, those the insiders didn't notice or care about.

Stop trying to be normal.

We're all weird in one way or another. It takes too much energy to try and hide it.

Just be you.

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