March 21, 2018

Do you talk to yourself?

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I've mentioned before that I'm an avid podcast listener. Recently, I've listening to a number of start-up/entrepreneur podcasts. One thing that stands out to me about successful entrepreneurs across industries is their self-talk. That's right, self-talk. You hear it when they explain their thought processes in the hardest points, the darkest valleys. And there is something here for those starting new faith communities to learn from.

Start up work is often lonely and hard. Whether starting a new company or planting a church, the founding leader often starts with a vision, an idea and little more. Even if you have lots of fans, friends and people alongside of you, it is most often one leader that bears the burden of a vision that they cannot walk away from. The road from dream to reality requires hard work, long hours and lots of sacrifice. It is a unique calling–and I believe it is a calling and vocation, and yet you cannot move from idea to implementation without a healthy inner life.

As you listen to successful start-up leaders talk about some of the hardest moments, you will hear them talk about the things they tell themselves. For some of these leaders, these words become a sort of mantra that they repeat over and over again. Some have written books, started podcasts, etc. that are no more than sharing with others what they tell themselves day after day to stay motivated.

Here's what you need to know about this: no one gets to good self-talk on their own. Surround yourself with the kind of people that will love you, care for you, and that hold you accountable. These are friends and family, of course, but do not be ashamed to get a spiritual director, a therapist or a coach–or all of the above.

The longer I reflect on my own start-up experiences, something becomes clearer: when I failed, I was not in a good place mentally and spiritually. If you are called to start a new community that will thrive, you need to thrive. Take care of yourself, friend. And let others help you care for yourself. We need you to start what the Spirit has placed on your heart.

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