April 16, 2018

The Wisdom in Repetition

It may be easy to critique the leader who has not built an institution but rather she has nurtured a variety of small, scrappy communities. In fact, I frequently hear this kind of critique from leaders that have built a new congregation from the ground up. They see the merit in their work and think it more important than a seemingly small, insignificant collection of missional communities. But here's the thing: the leader that has launched a few missional communities actually has a lot more knowledge about start up ministry than the other.

The start up experience across contexts always has similar traits. But the person who starts a network of these communities is learning how to start these communities over and over again. Better and better each time. Her wisdom and experience and education in what it takes to start communities is exponentially higher than that person who has only done it once.

So the lesson here is to never sell short the person that has a bunch of small, scrappy and maybe odd looking communities over the person that has only been able to scale up one community.

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