July 3, 2018

Ep. 22 Chantal Morales McKinney

My conversation with Chantal Morales McKinney, Episcopal priest and church planter. Chantal is leading the new faith community, Christ's Beloved Community or Comunidad Amada de Cristo. You can also find the community on Facebook.

You can read a Lenten reflection by Chantal here.

Referred to in this episode is Ray Oldenburg's book, The Great Good Place.

Chantal mentions "asset-based community development" in our conversation. To learn more about this method, I recommend Building Communities from the Inside Out by John McKnight and John Kretzman and The Abundant Community by John McKnight and Peter Block.

I also mention episode 1 with Anthony Smith and episode 21 with Luke Edwards.

Music created by Adam Powell of Best Friends Creative.

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