October 15, 2019

TSOANTTC: Catching Up

This month, Adam, Dan and Jason don't have a special guest joining them. Instead, these 3 friends take the opportunity to talk about two things we deeply love church and music. As you might expect, we see a lot of crossover between the two.

A few things that came up this month:
1001 Churches PC(USA)
Ebenezer Church (San Diego, CA)
Che Cafe (San Diego, CA)
Jesus Piece goes full WWF on hate5six

If you'd like to hear the entire playlist of bands discussed in this episode, check out the Spotify playlist. Make sure to Like our Facebook page and tell us what you're listening to and what new faith communities might be inspiring you.

Special thanks to Gut Punch for the use of their new EP, I Won't Lay Down. And, as always, thanks to Matt Traxler and Steadfast Records for the use of Brandtson's music.

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