December 31, 2019

2019 Year End Podcast List

As you may know, I love podcasts! I listen to them on the long drives my job takes me on, when I run in the morning and working on projects around the home on weekends. There were some great new podcasts to come out in 2019. Here are my top ten:
1) Finding Fred: By far my favorite podcast discovery in 2019, Finding Fred is a beautiful profile of of the creator of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Carvell Wallace is one of my favorite writers and I loved his previous podcast, Closer Than They Appear. Discovering this creation of his was a joy. I cried, I laughed ... I loved this! A goal of mine in 2020 is to read my first sports related biography ... simply because Carvell wrote it.
2) Dolly Parton's America: Hosted by Jad Abumrad of Radiolab, this was a fantastic series on the rise, fame and legacy of Dolly Parton. If you love Dolly Parton, you'll love this. If you don't, listen to this and you just might.
3) Impeachment, Explained: I found this through host Ezra Klien's other podcast. I find Ezra to be a rational, balanced interviewer that is always respectful of other opinions and, yet, this presidency consistently finds him in WTF! moments throughout this series ... which is cathartic.
4) One Life One Chance: Toby Morse is the vocalist of melodic hardcore band, H20 and host of OLOC. He interviews some hardcore legends that tell some great stories.
5) Rogue Theory: I'm not a only a music nerd but a sci-fi, super hero geek as well. Rogue Theory is a regular panel conversation hosted by the folks at the fantastic YouTube channel, New Rockstars. If you like comics or Star Wars movies, this is for you.
6) The Art of Process: The title says it all; musicians Aimee Mann and Ted Leo team up to interview creators about their artistic process. The friendship between the two hosts makes for great chemistry.
7) Noble Blood: Noble Blood was created by Aaron Mahnke, who produces several solid story-telling podcasts. This is the first to be hosted by Dana Schwartz and not Aaron. She tells grim, historic stories of royalty across Europe.
8) DUST: Found this through another YouTube channel. DUST shares short sci-fi stories. If you like narrative podcasts but don't have time for multi-episode stories, this is may be for you. 
9) American Jihadi: This podcast tells the story of an American teenager in the south who grows up to join ISIS. An fascinating narrative and well told.
10) The Shape of A New Thing to Come: Okay, yes, I co-host this podcast but I'll be honest ... even if I didn't I would listen to it! This podcast has landed at an intersection of passions that are so important to me. I love the heck out of Adam and Dan and look forward to chatting with them every month. If you love punk or hardcore music and wonder if some of the things that scene taught you just might help save the Church here in the west you'll dig this.

Here's my 2017 year-end list of podcasts and here are some other podcasts I've written about.

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