January 4, 2020

Delayed Gratification

I have found learning the value of delayed gratification to be one of the most important lessons in life. In an era of the 24-hour news cycle and ready-made meals our stamina is often diminished. We want things now! But I'm here to say that waiting is not a bad thing. Putting the needs of others ahead of ours, going last, doing something hard now in order to get something better down the road is a good thing. There are times when all that lies ahead is the hard work; the step by step of getting to what is far out in the future. Whether this letting others go before us, putting money aside for the future, waiting to have that sweet treat until a job is finished ... whatever it is, the best things in life typically don't come easy and they usually take time. In the waiting, in the keeping to the task at hand, I find the practice of delayed gratification actually make me ... more grateful in the moment.

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