February 12, 2020


When it comes to church planting we are frequently enamored with the "where," "when," "what" and "how" of this work. We are easily intrigued with novelty. We are forever interested in technique. Yet, at it's core the work of starting new faith communities is an evangelistic effort--inviting others into God's good news that otherwise would have nothing to do with it. If this is true, starting with the where, when, what and how is the wrong place to start. "Who" is where we ought to start. Who is not attending the established churches around you? "Who" is way more interesting, humane and deeply contextual. You will end of up with a community truly unique rather than a carbon copy of a model repeated a thousand times over in other places. "Satellite campuses," "dinner church," "laundry love," these are techniques. If they work it is only because leadership prioritized answering, "who is this for". "Who" tips the notion of novelty on its head and leads us towards true innovation.  The "where," "when," "what" and "how" of church planting is quickly answered when following "who" and has a higher likelihood of success when we get clear on who we are building Christian community for and with.

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