March 29, 2020

Go Ahead

It didn’t take long for the trash talking to start on social media about how some people are showing up online right now.

Some will make fun of those posting video chat room group shots.

Some will whine about all the exchanges about churches meeting online during a pandemic.

Here’s what I have to say about this type of punditry: who cares.

You aren’t here for them anyways.

I say go ahead and be proud to show off the community you’re building online with your teams, your friends and faith communities. So proud that you’ll post a photo that captures you gathered together contributing and connecting.

I say go ahead and swap ideas, best practices and tell us the online places to find where your faith community meets during a pandemic. After all, one of the great dangers of this experience is social isolation and if you’re showing up, provoking thought, stirring souls and transforming lives in the midst of a worldwide dilemma, well, that’s worthwhile!

So, go ahead! Show up. Lend a hand. What you’re doing matters right now to someone. That’s all that matters.

Do you really care about the opinion of someone who’d rather mock and complain then contribute in a meaningful way? Didn’t think so.

Go on ahead! We’re here for what you have to offer.

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