March 30, 2020

I See You

A lot of gratitude is beginning to be demonstrated for healthcare providers responding to the coronavirus. From those that clean hospitals to doctors, around the globe people are stopping to raise their voices while confined to porches and balconies to applaud those on the front lines of this pandemic.

And we should be doing this.

Yet, I also find myself thinking about those that are caring for souls during this strange time. Day in and day out, week after week, I have the privilege of working with those that nurture the spiritual well-being of those in their care.

I see you!

I see that you daily set aside your own anxieties in order to care for worries of others. I see the burden you carry for others. I see that even while you are concerned, you bring a non-anxious presence to those you minister to. I see how you engender joy even though you grieve. I see you cultivate hope even while you have your doubts.

I know you are not doing this because you are fake or putting on a front but because this is your vocation, your call and I'm grateful. We all are. Keep showing up.

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