March 31, 2020


Today is all about limits.

Limits on news consumption—I’ve deleted all but one daily news podcast to listen to. 

Running to my physical limits—I’ve found running is one of the best distractions from worry and reduces stress. 

Limits on social media—muting or unfollowing anything/anyone that’s a distraction. 

Limits on what I eat—no matter how bad I want to eat those chocolate covered peanuts in the pantry, I’ll eat food that boosts my immune system, that’s good for me.

I’ll read in bed tonight instead of scrolling through my feed—because I know I sleep better this way, which leads me to ...

I’ll go to bed at a decent hour—because sleep is something I never get enough of and I need it, even if I’d rather binge-watch something past midnight. 

With a few limits in place it becomes much easier to bring our best selves to the work ahead of us. It doesn’t mean we can’t indulge or splurge at times but it does mean we’re less likely to feel bad about it when we do. Rather, it will feel like an earned reward. 

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