April 23, 2020

TSOANTTC: Jamie Patterson

This month, Adam, Dan and Jason talk with photographer Jamie Patterson. We talk about how she discovered punk and hardcore, representation in the scene and more.

Faith communities mentioned this month included:

House of All Sinners and Saints (Denver, CO)
and Nadia Bolz-Webber

East End Fellowship (Richmond, VA)

Scum of the Earth (Denver, CO)
check out our episode w/ Leanor Ortega Till of FIF

Mosaic Church (Pearland, TX)

The Well Church (Mississauga, ON)

The Gathering (St. Louis, MO)

Thanks to ZAP Records for the use of music from October Bird of Death, What's Your Damage?, DIY Together, Svarteskerm, 2 Minute Minor, Praiser and The Last Hope. Thanks to each of those bands, as well!

As always, thanks to Matt Traxler and Steadfast Records for the use of Brandtson's music.

Check out the playlist of bands discussed on this episode on Spotify. Make sure to Like our Facebook page and tell us what you're listening to and what new faith communities might be inspiring you.

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