April 17, 2020

Love and Life Can Prevail ... If We Choose It

"Love and life will always prevail," he tells me, "if human beings desire it."

Back in February, journalist Stephanie SaldaƱa wrote a profile of the Rev. Jacques Mourad, a Syrian Catholic priest.

It's a beautiful article and worth your time. In it, Father Mourad is quoted saying the above. Even after being captured and tortured by ISIS (spoiler: he later escapes), Mourad believes loving the other, choosing to believe in the beauty of life–no matter if they are a perceived as enemy or neighbor–is what God longs for.

I think Father Mourad is right.

As we plunge further into our response to a worldwide pandemic some will begin to cast blame, demonizing others–even whole groups of people. The president of the U.S. has made a habit of this (among others) and has continued to demonstrate such behavior during this crisis. Let's be clear: this is a choice. It is not requisite to this scenario. We do not have to cast blame and frame this scenario as if we are choosing one person's life over another. Love and life can prevail if we desire it. The choice is ours.

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