April 1, 2020

Praying During A Pandemic

I watched someone guide meditation with a kitten bopping in and out of screen.

I observed a yoga instructor lead a session as her toddlers climbed all over her.

I listened to someone direct centering prayer and could hear a dog crunching food and slurping water in the background.

I participated as someone lead evening prayers as another person in their home made dinner in the background with the clanking of pots and pans.

All online, of course.

A strange beauty of this moment is we are learning to be with ourselves and to be with God in the midst of everyday life.

Sometimes this is quieter than we are used to.

Sometimes this is louder than we are used to.

In all cases it is somehow more chaotic, likely, than it used to.

And yet ...

We are reminded, once again, that the Spirit of God cannot be bound up in "sacred" spaces and that we have not truly discovered who we are if only glimpsed in a studio, temple or space set aside from everyday life. The strange beauty of this moment is that we are invited to the reality that God has shown up in our everyday lives; that we may indeed experience grace in the mundane and ordinary.

For this strange beauty at this time I am strangely grateful. 

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