April 8, 2020

The Stay at Home Sessions

Years from now (maybe in even less time), I bet there will be album releases of the music documented and created during this pandemic. There will be clever packaging and collateral pieces of nostalgia to include in these releases. From obscure artists to pop stars. It will bring back memories, it will help others tell their own stories of what happened during this moment. People will be grateful that those artistic moments were captured and documented. And they will spend money to have it. 

Our economy is taking a huge hit right now and many of us are increasingly concerned about the long term effects this will have on all of us. And, yet, in this moment things are happening, being created out of boredom, out of necessity with innovation and ingenuity. These things, from new art and new music to new tools and new expertise will generate new income streams and new industries.

All this to say that in the midst of the stress and change right now are the seeds of new things that are good and worthy and will help us find our way to a new normal. 

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