May 20, 2020

Discipleship During COVID-19

As the nation begins to open back up, so begin the conversations within faith communities about opening back up. What I have noticed is the heightened anxiousness and frustration that quickly enters these planning conversations. In many–if not most–instances this has reflected how much our political leanings influence decisions.

It seems important to note that in the midst of our plans regarding going back to in-person gatherings–as slow and pro-longed as they may be–there is a discipleship opportunity.

Popular culture, the market and the state will do what they will. The church ought to make disciples of Christ. We don't make decisions based on our own self-interest but on how we might best care for our neighbor and love God with every fiber of our being. As Jesus told us, everything hinges on those two postures. This is yet another opportunity to shape people in the way of Jesus; modeling our lives after his in gratitude for the self-sacrificial love he demonstrated for us. Sacrifice not for the markets. Sacrifice not for the state. Sacrifice for the sake of God's love for all of us.

As you make plans for your community ask yourself, In what way do these decisions reflect our interest in the well being of our neighbor?

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