May 4, 2020


For some of us, we used to go to a place most weekdays where the majority of our work was done. The remainder of our lives may have felt fragmented but at least work was a whole ... thing.

For some of us, these days the majority of our lives is in one place. It is our work that feels fragmented as it is consistently interrupted with the rest of life.

The beautiful reminder in all of this is that the rest of life was always right there waiting for you. The challenge is that it is now right there in front of you. All the time.

And then there is the fluctuating Internet access that many are experiencing which is requisite for many who are "telecommuting" right now.

How are you handling the fragmented work life during this pandemic?

I have found a few things helpful for managing this fragmented work life.

Space. Set aside space to do your work. It doesn't matter where as much as being able to say to yourself, and those you're quarantined with, "This is the space I do my work."

Lists. I love checklists. My family hates this. But it works for me. Every morning, I make a list of the non-negotiable things I need to get done that day. I scratch them off as they are completed, and I take great joy out of crossing off those things completed.

Time. I start my work day around the same time everyday and end around the same time. I don't sit down at my work space before I start work in the morning so that my body knows, this is my work time. I also transition out of my work day with a walk. In replace of a commute, I have found this helpful so that I can transition my brain into being present with those in my house.

These don't fix all of the fragmentation we experience. But it has been helpful for me.

NOTE: I know some of this comes with the privileges, luxuries my work and life provide me. I continue to be grateful for those deemed essential workers, risking their health for all of us. If you are one of those, know that I'm praying for you!

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