May 27, 2020

He Died Unable To Breathe

George Floyd ... Ahmaud Arbery ... When will we learn? When will it stop?

My heart is heavy and so I will share with you something I wrote in 2014. How sad that it remains applicable to the treatment of black men in America, such as George Floyd:
He was a young man.

He was not a part of the dominant, privileged culture.

He came from a poor, under-educated class.

He was presumed not to be innocent.

He was wrongly accused and killed.

He died with his hands up [bound].

He died unable to breathe.

If we fail to see the suffering of the marginalized in our culture in light of the suffering of our Savior, then we fail to fully appreciate the vastness of His redemptive work.

Listen well, share your story, make friends, resist violence and learn.
A couple books to recommend as a good place to start: Willie James Jenning's commentary on Acts and Engaging the Powers by Walter Wink.

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