May 11, 2020

How Are You?

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How are you? Really.

Something I've observed since we started stay-at-home orders here in the U.S. is that we're all a little more honest when someone asks, "How are you?" 

What was once a simple greeting that required merely a pleasant response, is now an opportunity for human connection and folks are hungry for it. This seems to be one of the strange silver linings to this pandemic. Polite formalities can be set aside in exchange for authentic communication.

Whether it be an 11 year old writing letters or movie stars starting YouTube channels that make us laugh and cry and care, across the spectrum of the American experience there are people finding ways to name the hardship of this pandemic while simultaneously extending humanity and grace to those within their reach.

So, let's get real.

This has been tough! For many that were not financially stable before, it's even worse now. For those are financially stable in this moment, there's the residual guilt and nagging sense that you should be "doing something" all the while knowing that staying at home is exactly the kind of "doing something" we need right now. Days blend together–be honest, how many times have you said, "What day is it?!" This has been tough! And chances are the tough is gonna keep coming. So, how do we respond?

We can be honest. But we can additionally respond with care and concern for those around us. Not everyone around us will do this. From politicians to pundits, there will be those that will blame and scapegoat and not extend humanity and grace in this moment. If you are waiting for someone to model this, sloganize it or give you permission you may have waited too long.

Tell us how you are and then bring your best gifts to bear. We're ready for it and we need it ... we need you.

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