May 8, 2020


I've been thinking a lot about waves lately.

Politicians are moving states towards opening. All the while, scientists are telling us that numbers of positive coronavirus cases and deaths are increasing.

This is where waves come to mind.

Even as we prepare to open things back up, it seems important that we consider the high likelihood that further quarantine orders will go in place when increased exposure causes another spike in covid-19 cases. What this means is that we cannot look at preparations to head towards some semblance as normalcy as permanent. We can not afford to leave behind the practices, the online communities, the self-restraint and new habits we’ve been cultivating over these last two months. Or could you? Would you want to?

Depending on how you answer that question is important. Would you be able to go back to how you do your work right now—your habits, routines and rhythms—if quarantine orders were initiated again after re-opening?

If not, what would you change? Can you start making those changes now?

Why do I pose these questions? Because we will more than likely come back to this situation.

This will likely come in waves. 

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