May 1, 2020

Mourn + Mend

If you have not yet heard about Amanda Gorman, google her. She is the country's first youth poet laureate. She wrote a poem about this current moment (thanks for sharing, Bob Logan).

Gorman's poem captures a great deal of what the work is for those of us that are Christian leaders right now.

Of course, we need to allow people to mourn–to grieve what has been lost, what will be lost. People are not looking for a veneer of happiness but joy that might be discovered while still experiencing grief. As Becky Zartman talked about in this week's episode of A New Thing, there's a difference between happiness and joy. And, yet, while creating space for this mourning we have hope–it seems to me that hope is the place where joy resides. As Gorman gives imagination to, we are called to begin mending things and pointing people towards what lies ahead with possibility, anticipation and hope.

To create space to mourn and to mend. This seems to be our work right now.

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