May 21, 2021

Weekend Listening: Thee Sacred Souls - Can I Call You Rose?

Thee Sacred Souls first caught my attention through this music video. I was only partially paying attention until it dawned on me that these were scenes from San Diego. I knew these spots! There are so many reasons to love Thee Sacred Souls. For one, they are some seriously talented musicians that make some seriously smooth music. The band clearly draws on the Chicano soul sound from an earlier era in southern California that is so nostalgic for me as I recall watching low riders cruise down the street, low and slow with the Delfonics coming from their stereos. And, of course, they're from my hometown which draws out my affection even more. Check 'em out and buy their music.

So, now you know what I'll be listening to this weekend. What will you be listening to?

Support musicians! A great way to do this is on Bandcamp. Take a look at what I'm discovering there. You can find all my weekend listening tracks on the playlists I've created on Spotify and YouTube.

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